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At any age, at any time and under any circumstances, the immune system should be strong, says Heart and Internal Medicine Specialist Professor Doctor. who advises us to make some changes in our lifestyle for this. Professor says “Those who heed my advice and implement it will not get sick, even if it is very mild.”

Turkey iHealth member and JCI hospital head of department Heart and Internal Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. says that we should never be afraid of them. It is precisely at this point to draw attention to the importance of a strong immunity. ‘We all need immune armor from ages 7-77. We must always keep our immunity strong,’ Professor said, explaining the ways to increase body resistance naturally and the secrets of healthy living as follows:


Some experts suggest that there is no benefit, while you recommend gargling against viruses, why?

Viruses and bacteria that settle in respiratory tract, cause respiratory infections, cause nasal congestion, runny nose, dry cough that we call a tick, and fever rise, are the entrance gates to our body, our mouth, nose, and throat. The ports where viruses and bacteria first anchor are the cells we call mucous membranes that cover the inner surfaces of our mouth, nose and throat. Especially when viruses enter these cells, which we call mucous membranes, they can multiply and survive. By feeding on the elements inside our cells, their number is increasing and they are getting stronger.

This time does not occur immediately, of course, it takes between 3-4 days after entering into the cell, interfering with circulation and general body aches and fever symptoms, such as power gain for the emergence of viruses and bacteria within the first 3-4 days in the life of here to prevent their proliferation, allowing you to prevent this as I explained before, is that our cells are alkaline. It is extremely important to increase the pH of our cells and make them completely alkaline. If we wash our oral and nose and throat mucosa with potable carbonated water, pull it into our nose, gargle, or even brush our teeth with bicarbonate water, we will prevent the proliferation and reproduction of viruses and bacteria in the ports where they first enter.

So we stay healthy and don’t get sick. As I explained, if we take the necessary precautions and apply them, we don’t need to be afraid of viruses and bacteria, we should be comfortable!!! This is how we can live together as friends with viruses and bacteria. I say we don’t give visas to the empire of fear, panic attacks.

Do you think we should keep wearing masks?

As a person who has performed angiography on patients for many years, worked in intensive care for many years, worn pacemakers for patients for many years, of course, we, as all my operator colleagues, have to wear masks during our practices. The aim is to prevent any viruses and bacteria that we have from infecting patients and not to harm them. Viruses and bacteria are microscopic creatures. Their size is about 15-20 microns.

The length of the holes of the most effective surgical masks is up to 200 microns. In this regard, can you decide whether the masks are protective or not? The most real and effective mask is to rinse our mouth, nose often with salty, bicarbonate water, wash and brush our teeth and, of course, wash our face!

Friendly bacteria are the insurance of our health

Why are friendly bacteria in our body important? How can we increase their number naturally?

The number and weight of friendly bacteria that we live with are more than the number and weight of the cells in our organism. Friendly bacteria are our immune armor that protects our health. Friendly, beneficial bacteria living in our intestines ensure the formation of our immune system by 90 percent. If the number of friendly and beneficial bacteria is sufficient, the number of hostile bacteria that we call pathogens that cause diseases decreases and they become ineffective, our health does not deteriorate. We call natural homemade yogurt containing live bacteria that will increase the number of microbiomes that are alive, homemade vinegar, homemade pickle-pickle water, sourdough cheeses, naturally fermented and prepared tarhana probiotics.

They are extremely important, indispensable foods that should be consumed naturally and organically, because they increase the number of living friendly bacteria in our intestines, that is, the microbiome. In addition, fibrous winter vegetables such as cabbage, cruciferous vegetables, cauliflower, onions, garlic, carrots, celery, yams, especially white cabbage, are prebiotic vegetables that feed the microbiome. Fruits such as olives, strawberries, apples, bananas are also prebiotic. In addition to these, we recommend that natural butter and cold pressed olive oil be consumed because they have prebiotic properties and contain vitamins A, D, E, K that will strengthen our immunity.
Sugar is the sweetest poison

Eid al-Fitr is approaching. Eid means candy, dessert. What are your suggestions?

Sugar is the sweetest poison. Sugar is not a real food, it is an artificial, that is, a factory-made powder that makes our cells acidify our entire body. At the feast, home sweets, of course, can be eaten. It is forbidden to use corn syrup sugar in home desserts, so I wish everyone a healthy, happy peaceful Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. We have to take care of everything from what we eat and drink to the detergent we use!

How to strengthen our immunity to viruses and bacteria?

In the structure of cells, organs, blood and fluids found in the human body, the structure of our hormones, natural healthy fats, natural healthy proteins and natural healthy minerals must be present. It is necessary to pay attention to viruses and bacteria at any age, at any time and under any circumstances as a priority. We will wash our hands with soap with natural olive oil. We will cut our long nails. We’ll wipe off the nail polishes. We will wash our hands with salted, vinegar water. We will gargle with salted, bicarbonate and vinegar water. We will draw salty, bicarbonate water into our noses.

Comfortable and deep, we will sleep well. We’re gonna listen to some music we like. We’ll dance at home and jump rope. We will not use disinfectants, dish washing and laundry detergents that disrupt our DNA. We will wash the laundry with sodium bicarbonate. We will also wash the dishes not in the machine, but by hand with olive oil soap. We will stay away from antipyretics, pain medications and antibiotics as much as possible. We will stay away from all kinds of artificial fragrances.

So how are we supposed to feed?

We will consume fluids and nutrients that will make our immune system strong and whose naturalness is not impaired. We’ll have plenty of water. We will take care of nutrition with organic/ecological foods. We will stay away from vegetables and fruits that have been washed with toxic agricultural poisons containing glyphosate, that is, pesticides. Naturally, we will consume plenty of vitamin C. We will not forget about the importance of vitamin D! We will consume plenty of fermented vegetables, homemade yogurt, homemade pickle-pickle juice. We will take natural healthy fats such as cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, genuine village butter and Omega-3 into our body. We will consume natural head-trotting, bone broth.

According to our possibilities, we will strive to get natural healthy proteins such as lamb / capricorn meat, real village chicken /rooster, homemade yogurt, sourdough cheese, a whole egg with yolk into our body. Natural proteins, when consumed together with natural fats, make the body strong and healthy. Once processed, salt is not salt. It’s a completely chemical thing. The main salt is crystal rock salt. We will make crystal rock salt, which is a storehouse of natural and pure minerals, the main crown of our tables, and we will not forget that this salt was “white gold” in history. ”Dirty”, that is, we will live away from detergents containing synthetic chemicals-disinfectants, agricultural poisons, we will feed on pure and clean, that is, genuine food made from old seeds, we will prefer organic certified cleaning and personal care products.

We will never forget this fact and we will strictly implement and implement these measures that we have considered. As a result, this way we can strengthen our immune system and cellular immunity and minimize the risk of getting sick with any flu infection, or even if we are infected, we will not have a severe flu infection. At the same time, we prevent the transmission of viruses and their spread in society.

You look healthy and energetic. What is the secret of this?

I consume natural butter, natural olive oil, winter vegetables and yogurt that I make at home myself, as well as pickles. I have been eating very little bread and flour products for many years. I walk, swim, dance, read the books I love, listen to the songs I love and sing too. I’m not watching TV. I haven’t used chemical products as much as possible for many years.