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Turkey iHealth member and hospital Specialist in Uro-Andrology Prof. Dr. said that diabetes, which has not been controlled for many years, can cause sexual problems in men. Stating that diabetes causes both nerve and vascular damage and leads to erectile dysfunction, Prof. Dr. made important warnings.

According to the data of the Turkish Diabetes Association, there are more than 8 million diabetes patients in Turkey. About 57 percent of all patients are thought to have been diagnosed, while it is estimated that they have as many hidden diabetics as the diagnosed patient.

Specialist in Uro-Andrology Prof. Dr. gave information about the effects of diabetes in men and noted that diabetes causes both nerve and vascular damage, leading to erectile dysfunction, and causes sexual problems in men if left unchecked for many years. Prof. Dr. stated that sexual problems can be treated after determining whether they occur for psychological or physical reasons.

The problem of hardening may be the first symptom

Specialist in Uro-Andrology Prof. Dr. stated that the problem of hardening can occur with the progression of diabetes mellitus, as well as be the first symptom in some patients, and said:

“Vascular and nerve damage that we commonly see in diabetes mellitus, increased infections in the urinary tract and vagina, as well as a negative impact on the patient psychologically, can lead to problems in sexual intercourse.

The problem of hardening in men with diabetes occurs earlier than in normal men. About 10 years after being diagnosed with diabetes, half of the patients have erectile dysfunction. In other words, about half of the men with diabetes also have erectile dysfunction problems. In addition, men with diabetes are three times more likely to have erectile dysfunction October normal men.

Sexual problems are often observed during the period of diabetes, especially neuropathy and microangiopathy. During these periods, that is, the semen escapes back to the bladder and there is no outflow of fluid, as well as the problem of hardening is common.”

It can cause urinary problems

In addition to the problem of hardening Jun diabetes, there is also a decrease in the feeling of orgasm, inability to get pleasure, back ejaculation towards the bladder, or delayed ejaculation problems, Prof. Dr. continued his words as follows:

“In addition to all this, because the risk of urinary tract infection increases, the risk of prostate infection also increases. These, in turn, lead to urinary problems and, indirectly, to sexual problems.

A disease that can be accompanied by a hardening defect and can also be common in diabetics is also called Peyronie’s disease. In this disease, there may be bending/bending, pain in the penis when the penis begins to harden. After a while, a hardening defect may also occur in peyroni patients. In these patients, we first try drug therapy and ESWT shock wave therapy”.

It also disrupts women’s sexual health

Stating that the most important effect of diabetes on sexual health in women is that it leads to infections, Prof. Dr. also made suggestions about the treatment and ended his words as follows:

“Vaginal infections and urinary tract infections are more common, especially during periods when blood sugar is high. Another important problem is vaginal dryness. Neuropathy disrupts vaginal lubricity in some women, which makes sexual intercourse painful and reduces desire. The fact that the patient constantly feels tired and sluggish also complicates sexual activity.”

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