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Every new summer we get a demands for newer beauty improvements. The secret to getting a healthy and natural age is taking good care of our skin. Developing technologies and aesthetic innovations offer us many alternatives to keep our skin healthy and alive.

Turkey iHealth member and JCI Ankara hospital clinic Doctor of Medical Aesthetics, gave information about the aesthetic and beauty trends of 2022.

The importance of mesotherapy will increase even more in 2022

As we enter 2022 summer, the desire for a natural look is gradually increasing. Exaggerated aesthetic practices are now very old. Bright and healthy appearance of the skin is at the forefront. Mesotherapy, which is one of the applications that provide this in its state, will also be the most prominent treatment method in 2022. Mesotherapy protects healthy skin and keeps the skin young by repairing and regenerating damaged skin. It also creates an important infrastructure for other treatments such as fillers.

Applications that give vitality to the skin will be in the foreground

We always say that the healthy appearance of the skin is most important element. There are different mesotherapy ingredients available for this. One of them is the DNA glow, which has a high satisfaction rate for both the doctor and the patient, which has recently attracted attention.

Thanks to the polynucleotides contained in the application, it increases collagen, restores skin elasticity and has a strong lifting effect, which is why it is often preferred in the recent period. by applying 3-4 sessions, it reverses the aging effects on the skin in natural ways, making the skin look younger, firmer, smoother and radiant.

In addition, the DNA Glow restores the reduced moisture in the skin to the tissues due to its ability to bind to a high amount of water. Thus, the skin acquires a softer and radiant appearance.

The cycle of small touches on the filling

In recent years, our point of view has changed in filler treatments, techniques made without losing the natural appearance with small touches are at the forefront. The most preferred filling application of this year was chin and temple filling. Because these areas are the most important areas that provide a percentage of gold. it seems that this demand will continue in 2022.

Lip filler is attracting attention every semester, but natural-looking plump lips made with softer fillers will be at the forefront. Again, nasal filling with new techniques will become even more common in 2022.

It is also very important to remove the tired expression

Tired expression is most often caused by problems around the eyes. Most of the time, the first choice is under-eye filler application. But my preference is to first configure the under-eye tissue with mesotherapy. It is one of the right treatment choices to treat bruises, wrinkles and bags under the eyes with specific products and then apply fillers if necessary.

The new year is the time to turn over a new leaf for our skin

As we said at beginning, no matter how much new technologies and developments in Turkey aesthetics and beauty increase, protecting our skin in terms of less need for these applications is the most important point for our beauty.

Well-groomed and healthy skin will also bring beautiful aging and self-confidence in the new summer in Ankara, Antalya and Istanbul, Turkey.